David Gutiérrez Avilés

David Gutiérrez Avilés

Assistant Professor

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Prof. David Gutiérrez Avilés, Ph.D. is a Computer Science Engineer (University of Seville, 2010), Master in Software Engineering and Technology (University of Seville, 2013), Ph.D. (University of Seville, 2015). He is an Assistant Professor in the Languages and Systems Department of the University of Seville.

His main scientific achievement is the TrLab methodology for mining and evaluating behavior patterns from large time-dependent datasets. This novel method extracts patterns from 3D large data using triclustering and genetic algorithms techniques. Through this research, several research productions and goals have been obtained: five JCR papers published, six conferences, a stay abroad in the University of Chile, belongings to one R&D team, a Regional project, and a National project; His Ph.D. thesis and intellectual property for the TrLab application.

The research lines of Prof. David Gutiérrez Avilés, Ph.D. are focused on: Electricity fraud detection in Big Data environments, On-line machine learning from Big data streaming, Analysis of Internet of Things protocols, and sensor data analysis.



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