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M.A. Castán-Lascorz and P. Jiménez-Herrera and A. Troncoso and G. Asencio-Cortés

A new hybrid method for predicting univariate and multivariate time series based on pattern forecasting (Journal Article)

Information Sciences, 586 , pp. 611–627, 2022.

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P. Jiménez-Herrera and L. Melgar-García and G. Asencio-Cortés and A. Troncoso

Streaming big time series forecasting based on nearest similar patterns with application to energy consumption (Journal Article)

Logic Journal of the IGPL, (in press) , pp. 1–20, 2022.

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F. Morales and M. García-Torres and G. Velázquez and F. Daumas-Ladouce and P. Gardel-Sotomayor and F. Gómez-Vela and F. Divina and J.L. Vázquez Noguera and C. Sauer Ayala and D. Pinto-Roa

Analysis of Electric Energy Consumption Profiles Using a Machine Learning Approach: A Paraguayan Case Study (Journal Article)

Electronics, 11 (2), pp. 267, 2022.

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L. Melgar-García and D. Gutiérrez-Avilés and M. T. Godinho and R. Espada and I. S. Brito and F. Martínez-Álvarez and A. Troncoso and C. Rubio-Escudero

A new big data triclustering approach for extracting three-dimensional patterns in precision agriculture (Journal Article)

Neurocomputing, 500 , pp. 268-278, 2022.

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R. Scitovski and K. Sabo and F. Martínez-Álvarez and S. Ungar

Cluster analysis and applications (Book)

Springer, 2021, ISBN: 978-3-030-74551-6.

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A. Morales-Esteban and F. Martínez-Álvarez and S. Scitovski and R. Scitovski

Mahalanobis clustering for the determination of incidence-magnitude seismic parameters for the Iberian Peninsula and the Republic of Croatia (Journal Article)

Computers and Geosciences, 156 , pp. 104873, 2021.

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A. Lopez-Fernandez and D. Rodriguez-Baena and F. Gomez-Vela and F. Divina and M. Garcia-Torres

A multi-GPU biclustering algorithm for binary datasets (Journal Article)

Journal of Parallel and Distributed Computing, 147 , pp. 209–219, 2021.

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