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A. Gómez-Losada and G. Asencio-Cortés and N. Duch-Brown

Automatic Eligibility of Sellers in an Online Marketplace: A Case Study of Amazon Algorithm (Journal Article)

Information, 13 (44), pp. 1–16, 2022.

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J. Roiz-Pagador and A. Chacon-Maldonado and R. Ruiz and G. Asencio-Cortes

Earthquake Prediction in California using Feature Selection techniques (Conference)

16th International Conference on Soft Computing Models in Industrial and Environmental Applications (SOCO 2021), Advances in Intelligent Systems and Computing 2022.

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S. Gómez-Guerrero and I. Ortiz and G. and Sosa-Cabrera and M. García-Torres and C.E. Schaerer

Measuring Interactions in Categorical Datasets Using Multivariate Symmetrical Uncertainty (Journal Article)

Entropy, 24 (1), pp. 64, 2022.

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R. Mortazavi and S. Mortazavi and A. Troncoso

Wrapper-based feature selection using regression trees to predict intrinsic viscosity of polymer (Journal Article)

Engineering with Computers, 2021.

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S.A. Grillo and J.C. Román and J.D. Mello-Román and J.L. Vázquez Noguera and M. García-Torres and F. Divina and P.E. Sotomayor

Adjacent Inputs With Different Labels and Hardness in Supervised Learning (Journal Article)

IEEE Access, pp. 162487–162498, 2021.

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F. Pietrapiana and J. M. Feria-Dominguez and A. Troncoso

Applying wrapper-based variable selection techniques to predict MFIs profitability: evidence from Peru (Journal Article)

Journal of Development Effectiveness, 2021.

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G. Sosa-Cabrera and M. García-Torres and S. Gómez-Guerrero and C.E. Schaerer and F. Divina

A multivariate approach to the symmetrical uncertainty measure: Application to feature selection problem (Journal Article)

Information Sciences, 494 , pp. 1–20, 2019.

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G. Sosa-Cabrera and M. García-Torres and S. Gómez Guerrero and C.E. Schaerer and F. Divina

Understanding a multivariate semi-metric in the search strategies for attributes subset selection (Conference)

Proceeding Series of the Brazilian Society of Computational and Applied Mathematics, 2018.

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M. García-Torres and F. Gómez-Vela and B. Melián-Batista and J. Marcos Moreno-Vega

High-dimensional feature selection via feature grouping: A Variable neighborhood Search approach (Journal Article)

Information Sciences, 326 , pp. 102-118, 2016.

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M. García-Torres and R. Arma~nanzas and C. Bielza and P. Larra~naga

Comparison of metaheuristic strategies for peakbin selection in proteomic mass spectrometry data (Journal Article)

Information Sciences, 222 , pp. 229-246, 2013.

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R. Ruíz and J. Riquelme and J. Aguilar-Ruíz and M. García-Torres

Fast feature selection aimed at high dimensional data via hybrid-sequential-ranked searches (Journal Article)

Expert Systems with Applications, 39 (12), pp. 11094-11102, 2012.

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F.~C. García-López and M. García-Torres and B. Melián-Batista and J.~A. Moreno Pérez and J.~M. Moreno-Vega

Solving the Feature Selection Problem by a Parallel Scatter Search (Journal Article)

European Journal of Operations Research, 169 (2), pp. 477-489, 2006.

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M. García-Torres and F. Gómez-Vela and F. Divina and D.P. Pinto-Roa and J.L. Vázquez Noguera and J.C. Román

Scatter search for high-dimensional feature selection using feature grouping (Conference)

Proceedings of the Genetic and Evolutionary Computation Conference Companion, 0000.

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