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Prof. Gualberto Asencio Cortés, Ph.D. is a Computer Science Engineer (University of Seville, 2008), Master in Software Engineering and Technology (University of Seville, 2010), Ph.D. (University of Pablo de Olavide, 2013) and has an Executive Master in Innovation (EOI, Spain, 2016). He is Associate Professor of Computer Science, in the area of ​​Languages ​​and Information Systems at the University of Pablo de Olavide. He is the author of 21 publications in impact journals according to JCR (18 of them between Q1 and Q2) and author of more than 22 articles in international and national conferences, most of them published in LNCS and LNBI. He has participated in three projects of the National Plan and three more of the Andalusian Research Plan. He is an editor of PLOS ONE (IF: 2.806, Q1), a regular reviewer of journals indexed in JCR (PLOS ONE, Bioinformatics, Neurocomputing, Computer and Geosciences, etc.) and member of the program committee in numerous international conferences. He has participated in more than 7 technology transfer contracts between the university and the company, including ISOTROL, Red Eléctrica Española and DETEA. He has 5 months of international research stays and 3 national months.

The research lines of Prof. Gualberto Asencio Cortés, Ph.D. are focused on data mining, machine learning, prediction of time series and bioinformatics, with different fields of application: prediction of natural series (seismic, air quality, meteorological, agronomic, …), prediction of electricity consumption and market prices, prediction of urban traffic, as well as bioinformatics in prediction of biological structures. He has also been data scientist and member of the steering committee responsible for artificial intelligence and data science technologies at the private company easytosee AgTech SL for more than 2 years (2015-2017).


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E. Florido and G. Asencio-Cortes and J. L. Aznarte and C. Rubio-Escudero and F. Martinez-Alvarez

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M. J. Fernández-Gómez and G. Asencio-Cortés and A. Troncoso and F. Martínez-Álvarez

Large earthquake magnitude prediction in Chile with imbalanced classifiers and ensemble learning Journal Article

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