IA2GIP: Artificial intelligence applied to pest management and control

Artificial intelligence applied to pest management and control | Universidad Pablo Olavide

Easytosee AgTech provides solutions for the smart agro using self-developed complex systems of artificial intelligence. They have specialists with PhDs, mathematicians, computer engineers and data science experts, who have experience in real modeling implemented in energy, biotech, trading and agro. easytosee AgTech have developed an A.I. platform that supports the decision-making process in many different fields, including sophisticated and automated machine-learning procedures ready for real-world applications.

The olive fly is the main pest that affects the olive oil producers, generating losses of up to 80% of the value of the crop due to a reduction in production and oil quality. In some cases, in farms dedicated to table olives, the losses may even amount to 100%. This insect attacks the fruit directly and the plague evolves explosively, making it difficult to control and assuming very significant costs for the producer.

IA2GIP involves the development of a predictive model that allows a forecasting analysis of olive fly evolution with four weeks in advance, avoiding the explosion of the pest and minimizing the use of pesticides. In this project, mathematical modeling, artificial intelligence algorithms and sensors are integrated to provide recommendations to the farmer. The large data sets used come from public and private data taken both in a traditional way and by remotely managed aerial systems and equipped with the appropriate sensors.