ANAMERLEC: Data analytics for electricity market forecasting

ANAMERLEC: Data analytics for electricity market forecasting | Universidad Pablo Olavide

Isotrol is a nationally and internationally recognized engineering firm that develops products, projects, solutions and software for supervision and control systems, and also offers specialized outsourcing services. The firm maintains a clear commercial focus on excellence based on flexibility, innovation, continuous improvement, and efficiency in client relations. Currently, Isotrol has a presence in Europe and America and employs over 195 professionals. In 2017, company sales reached 16´4 million Euros.

The company’s understanding of the different sectors in which it operates: Renewables, Electricity Distribution, Electricity Markets, Energy Savings and Efficiency, Education and Social Services, Public Administration and Health, Aeronautics and Water. Isotrol has enabled it to become a global company, with projects in Spain, Brazil, Bulgaria, Romania, Italy, UK, Panama, Chile, Greece, United States, Portugal, Canada, Mexico, Puerto Rico, Turkey, Belgium, South Africa, Poland, India, Tunisia, Vietnam, Sri Lanka.