AQUASIG: Water supply and urban consumption smart management system

AQUASIG: Water supply and urban consumption smart management system | Universidad Pablo Olavide

Geographica is a technology-based company specialized in spatial data, making data count with GIS, BI and ML solutions for Smart Cities and businesses. Geographica provides solutions for the Smart City, which allows to provide geolocated information in real time, powerful and easily integrated with other applications, including technologies such FIWARE. Moreover, Geographica analyzes and visualizes information quickly and easily using maps and charts, designing solutions to view data geolocated, dashboards and apps to create and view applications, reports, guidelines and indicators in real time.

Geographica augmented its investment in R & D in the last 4 years, increasing the percentage of turnover dedicated to research and development by 400%. Geographica has clients in the five continents, providing solutions translated in spanish, english, french, german and Italian, and adapted to work in different time zones.  Moreover, Geographica has experimented an important evolution of its team, they have tripled the staff in the last three years, a team on the rise, stable and permanent beta. Geographica has more than ten hundred years of experience, adding between the whole team in GIS, design, machine learning and data. From 2007, more than 341 clients from 14 countries have trusted on Geographica and, in this time, they have developed more than 157 web and mobile applications.