Big Data

Big Data Research Lab | Universidad Pablo Olavide

In the data science & big data research lab, we investigate a wide range of hot topics from deep learning to big data analytics as well as a large number of applications in the big data field. Within big data analytics, we are working on the development of new forecasting algorithms for big temporal data under the Apache Spark and its MLlib machine learning library.

Under the LORA communication protocol for IoT systems, we obtain real-time data streams for the development of new machine learning algorithms for big data streaming under the Apache Spark Streaming. With respect to deep learning, we deal with the most popular frameworks such as H2O, TensorFlow and Keras to build deep neural networks, mainly forward and recurrent networks, to solve problems of predicting temporal sequences. As for applications in the big data field, we are immersed in problems of fraud detection, prediction of continuous electricity markets and pattern recognition in Smart Cities, among others.