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R. Mortazavi and S. Mortazavi and A. Troncoso

Wrapper-based feature selection using regression trees to predict intrinsic viscosity of polymer (Journal Article)

Engineering with Computers, in press , 2021.

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G. Sosa-Cabrera and M. García-Torres and S. Gómez-Guerrero and C.E. Schaerer and F. Divina

A multivariate approach to the symmetrical uncertainty measure: Application to feature selection problem (Journal Article)

Information Sciences, 494 , pp. 1–20, 2019.

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G. Sosa-Cabrera and M. García-Torres and S. Gómez Guerrero and C.E. Schaerer and F. Divina

Understanding a multivariate semi-metric in the search strategies for attributes subset selection (Conference)

Proceeding Series of the Brazilian Society of Computational and Applied Mathematics, 2018.

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M. García-Torres and F. Gómez-Vela and B. Melián-Batista and J. Marcos Moreno-Vega

High-dimensional feature selection via feature grouping: A Variable neighborhood Search approach (Journal Article)

Information Sciences, 326 , pp. 102-118, 2016.

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M. García-Torres and R. Arma~nanzas and C. Bielza and P. Larra~naga

Comparison of metaheuristic strategies for peakbin selection in proteomic mass spectrometry data (Journal Article)

Information Sciences, 222 , pp. 229-246, 2013.

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R. Ruíz and J. Riquelme and J. Aguilar-Ruíz and M. García-Torres

Fast feature selection aimed at high dimensional data via hybrid-sequential-ranked searches (Journal Article)

Expert Systems with Applications, 39 (12), pp. 11094-11102, 2012.

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F.~C. García-López and M. García-Torres and B. Melián-Batista and J.~A. Moreno Pérez and J.~M. Moreno-Vega

Solving the Feature Selection Problem by a Parallel Scatter Search (Journal Article)

European Journal of Operations Research, 169 (2), pp. 477-489, 2006.

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